The Business

Details of the business

Here is my spec sheet.

Engagements and Projects

  • Strong, clear and engaging messaging and storytelling

    • online – you need to tell the stories of your firm and customers strongly and well
    • documents – your documents/brochures need to do the same
  • Craft marketing, media and public relations strategies

    • for visibility, punch and impact
    • or update/refresh existing ones.
  • Crisis management

    • Planning – prior preparation using unique ‘information auditing’ methodology
    • Response – what to do and how to manage a media deluge
    • Mitigation – containing reputational damage in media and markets
  • 121 executive interview coaching

    • crisis management
    • reputation and brand defence,
    • hostile interviewing for television
    • confident public speaking
  • Workshop-based media/marketing team coaching

    • for greater punch and impact in written and verbal communication in the media
    • across all platforms – TV, radio, print, online, social media
  • Journalism training

    • all platforms: tv, radio, print, online, social media
  • Speechwriting

    • executive/CEO
  • Speech-giving and the presentation of themed talks
    • internally to staff, or externally.
  • Professional event presentation, panel and roundtable chairing.